About me

Hello! I'm Layla and I'm a developer with a love for C# and tech in general! I have been awarded a Microsoft MVP for the past 4 years in developer technologies and a GitHub Star award the past 2 years. I also founded the #WomenOfDotNet Initiative. I love sharing knowledge whilst having fun and I definitely don't profess to know it all! No question is stupid and beginners are always welcome.

Events and Appearances




February 8 2023

ASP.NET Basics for Experts workshop


NDC London

January 23 2023

Building cloud-ready applications in .NET, ASP.NET Basics for Experts workshop


.NET Conference

November 9 2022

ASP.NET Basics for Experts



November 8 2022

ASP.NET Basics for Experts


Jetbrains .NET day

October 25 2022

ASP.NET Basics for Experts


NDC Oslo

September 26 2022

Learning in public - Live coding on Twitch



September 11 2022

Multiple sessions and a Workshop



Layla's Bio

Layla is a Developer Advocate at VMware serving the .NET community. She is a Live Coder on Twitch, a Microsoft MVP, a GitHub Star, and the founder of the #WomenOfDotNet Initiative. Layla loves sharing knowledge whilst having fun. No question is stupid and beginners are always welcome.

APIs Exposed!

More and more developers are building APIs, whether that be for consumption by client-side applications, exposing endpoints directly to customers so they can use an alternative front-end or wrapping up services in containers.

Learning in public - Live coding on Twitch

Twitch has been traditionally a place for people to watch people play video games. However, there has been a recent rise in live coders on Twitch sharing knowledge and breaking down barriers. I am a proud member of the Twitch coding community and a member of The Live Coders Team. We learn in public which requires vulnerability and patience. It was challenging at first, showing my flaws in front of 10s of viewers, yet the community is surprisingly supportive and involved. We often end up mob-programming and all learning together. In this session, I will tell you why you should check out the growing community of developers on Twitch and hopefully inspire you to start your own journey to learn in public!

Understanding Microservices: a guide for the monolithic developer

Microservice Architecture and the reasons why you should move to it, and the reasons you shouldn’t, have been well discussed. If you have already decided to move over to microservices from monolithic development, then you may be finding the whole process a bit daunting.

Azure Functions - a guide to getting started

Working with an existing system and its architecture can be a challenge, especially when it comes to adopting newer technologies. What may originally have been an appropriate architecture, may not now easily accommodate these newer technologies

TDD and the Terminator - An introduction to Test Driven Development

Getting started with Test Driven Development (TDD) can be very challenging. It requires a different mindset and approach to writing and developing code. However, once in that mindset, it is very difficult not to write tests first.

Top Tips For Blazor

Want to try out Blazor? Maybe you already have! Here are my top tips for creating awesome Blazor applications! We'll cover the following topics and more in this demo rich session: * Blazor Server and Blazor WASM * Blazor hybrid web apps with .NET MAUI * Awesome Components * A whole host of performance-improving tips * Tools to make development easier

Bridging The Gap - a keynote co-presented with Alyssa Nicoll

Introvert and extrovert, frontend and backend, this language or that one, with children or without. There are so many gaps in our industry that can have consequences if not bridged - will you get the promotion? Will you get the new job? Will your voice be heard? There are many ways to bridge a gap, and often the best way isn’t obvious. Layla and Alyssa hope, that through their stories and experiences, they can bring mindfulness and compassion to the forefront of your thoughts and help you bridge the gaps in your career and life.

Connecting with me

If you would like to collaborate with me, for me to speak at your event/meetup or you’re a new developer/devrelian and you’d like some help/mentorship - then please complete this form.

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